The Myant Clinical Portal

The Myant Clinical Portal

In pursuit of a human-centered virtual healthcare experience, Myant has created the Myant Clinical Portal: a connected clinician portal and dashboard where physicians can monitor, screen, support, and diagnose their patients remotely—anytime, anywhere.  

This advanced care platform puts patients at the centre of their care, allowing for continuous, always-on care that is faster, preventative, and more personalized to a patient’s unique needs. Physicians navigate the dashboard by interacting with a patient’s Expressive Digital Presence: the visualization of a patient’s heart health and wellness data. This Express Digital Presence gives practitioners visibility in their current and historical health, allowing for deeper retrospective analysis and the prescription of personalized, preventative interventions.

1. Data Collection

If you’re connected to a health practitioner with a Myant Health Membership, you can receive a program designed for your needs based on your data and receive expert guidance throughout your health journey.

Additional metrics from third-party devices—including blood pressure, blood sugar, and more—can be synced if a patient has a Myant Health subscription.

2. Digital Expressive Presence

Disparate current and historical health data is unified into a patient’s Digital Expressive Presence: a digital representation of your patient. 

Once visualized in the Myant Clinical Portal, practitioners can have a complete picture—not one or two health metrics—of their patient’s health, so you can holistically respond to their needs.

3. The Myant Clinical Portal

The Digital Expressive Presence can be visualized within the Myant Clinical Portal. Practitioners can review a patient’s health data, including ECG and patient-reported details. 

This large, contextualized dataset will allow for great analysis, helping practitioners make more informed decisions about a patient’s treatment now—and in the future—while unlocking more preventative treatment protocols.

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