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Our Promise

Patient Centric Care

Today's healthcare systems are overloaded due to limitations in accessibility, care provider burnout, and care models based on occasional readings, and delayed practitioner touchpoints. The symptoms of centralized, episodic care can no longer be ignored, and are leading to increased levels of chronic disease, systemic inefficiency, and patient stress and anxiety.

By leveraging the Myant Virtual Clinic, both patients and practitioners are given the tools to enable continuous, preventative, and personalized care. By continuously sharing a patient’s heart and wellness metrics—including live ECG—with cardiology teams, patients have a direct channel to their cardiologist from the safety and convenience of their own home.

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How it works

Wear a Skiin Bio-Sensing Garment of your Choice

Skiin bio-sensing garments serve as the primary connector to the Myant Virtual Clinic. Comfortable form factors that fit a variety of lifestyles collect and transmit data 24/7.

Download the Skiin App and Set up an Account

The pod nesting in the garment will send real-time data to the Skiin App. Patients can view and share data, log symptoms, and set event triggers to notify practitioners.

Stay Connected to your Cardiology Clinic Remotely

Using the virtual dashboard cardiologists can remotely monitor a patient’s ECG, symptoms, and health data, leading to unparalleled patient support and care.

Daily ECG Screenings

Meet Beth, a CVD patient with the PACE Cardiology Clinic. As Beth goes about her day, her Skiin bio-sensing garments passively capture her health and wellness data, and run regular ECG screenings.

The PACE team can monitor Beth's data remotely, and receive notifications when major deviations occur.

ECG, Heart Rate & HRV

Manage your heart health and collect live ECG for screening & diagnostics with your cardiologist.

Steps, Posture & Location

Track activity and share with a family member to improve wellness program adherence.

Core Body Temperature

Detect changes in core body temperature when your body is working harder than it should.

Symptom Logging

The Skiin App also tracks Beth's heart rate, respiratory rate, core body temperature, and more. When symptoms come up, Beth can log them in her Diary within the Skiin app for her next appointment with her cardiologist.

If Beth has an event, she can log symptoms and share with her cardiology team to determine if she should come in for an immediate check-up.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Beth's cardiologist, Dr. Ling, receives an alert informing her of a significant deviation in Beth's ECG.

Thanks to Beth's diligent symptom logging and continuous use of the Skiin bio-sending garments, Dr. Ling can retroactively review Beth's resting heart rate, core body temperature, and activity levels in the days leading up the ECG event.

Remote Consultations

Upon review of Beth's health data and medical records, Dr. Ling decides to schedule a remote consultation to discuss the event in more detail. They use the health data to help facilitate the discussion.

Dr. Ling advises Beth to book an appointment at the clinic for further testing and diagnosis.

Family Monitoring

Beth notifies her daughter Naomi of the event, and Dr. Ling's advice to keep a close eye on symptoms like chest pain or dizziness until her upcoming appointment at the clinic.

Naomi checks in on Beth daily using the Skiin App - where she can monitor Beth's health data and is notified of symptom logs and changes in Beth's vitals.

Stay Connected 24/7

Skiin Biosensing Garments

Create a complete picture of your heart health and overall wellness by wearing your Skiin bio-sensing garments 24/7. Thanks to the Skiin Pod, switching between Skiin garments is a snap. Whether you’re practicing yoga, headed to work, or drifting off to sleep, the Skiin Pod keeps you connected as you switch between garments.

Garment Selection Guide

Innovating Together

Innovation, research, and collaboration are traits woven deep in Myant's DNA. By leveraging our multi-disciplinary expertise in the fields of computing textiles, artificial intelligence, and software, Myant has attracted a network of partners dedicated to our promise to serve patients in cardiac care and rehabilitation.

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