Garment Selection Guide

Achieve 24/7 Heart Health & Wellness Monitoring

Create a complete picture of your heart health and overall wellness by wearing your Skiin biosensing garment 24/7. By swapping between your preferred garments throughout the day, you can achieve complete coverage and know you’re always connected to the app, your support circle, and your cardiologist (with the Skiin Pro Membership).

Keeping Up with Your Unique Lifestyle

Thanks to the Skiin Pod, switching between Skiin garments is a snap. Whether you’re practicing yoga, headed to work, or drifting off to sleep, the Skiin Pod keeps you connected as you switch between garments. The choice is yours.

Try the Garment Selection Quiz

Don’t know where to start? Not sure what garments are right for you? Try out our Garment Selection Quiz below to get a personalized recommendation that will help keep you connected.