Zoom Men's Chest Band (2pk) Starter Kit
Zoom Men's Chest Band (2pk) Starter Kit
Zoom Men's Chest Band (2pk) Starter Kit
Zoom Men's Chest Band (2pk) Starter Kit
Zoom Men's Chest Band (2pk) Starter Kit
Zoom Men's Chest Band (2pk) Starter Kit
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Men's Chest Band (2pk) Starter Kit

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Includes: 2x Skiin Chest Band, 1x POD, 1x USB Charging Kit, 1x Wash Bag

The Skiin Chest Band Starter Kit is part of the Skiin line of biosensing undergarments. The Skiin Chest Band syncs with the Skiin Connected Life App, captures vital health metrics to help you better understand your personal health needs, and enables you to share this data with a cardiologist remotely for their insight and analysis.*

*Requires a partnered cardiologist. Contact a Myant representative to find out how to get connected with a cardiologist. Email info@myant.ca to get in touch with us today.

Contraindication: If you have a pacemaker or an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) this device is contraindicated.


SKIIN Features:


  • Heart Health: Live Heart Rate; 3-lead ECG (currently accessible to your cardiologist via the Myant Virtual Clinic Portal)
  • Activity: Activity Goal Setting, Steps, Distance Covered, and Posture Breakdown
  • Body Temperature: Detect changes in your body temperature
  • Symptom Logging: Track your symptoms and share them with a cardiologist remotely
  • Battery Life: Pod Battery Life is 3 to 5 days

    What's included?

    2x Skiin Chest Band, 1x Charger, 1x Wash Bag

    Size Chart

    Size chart based on the Underbust measurement (in inches):

    Note: Following the size chart image, measure your underbust to select your size.


    • 2XS: Under Bust 27.50" - 29.25"
    • XS: Under Bust 29.25" - 31.25"
    • S: Under Bust 31.75" - 33.75"
    • M: Under Bust 34" - 36"
    • L: Under Bust 36.25" - 38.50"
    • XL: Under Bust 38.75" - 41.25"
    • 2XL: Under Bust 41.50" - 44.25"
    • 3XL: Under Bust 44.50" - 47.50"

    How to measure:

    Underbust - Place a soft tape measuring tape under your bust, ensure it’s level, you are relaxed and the tape is tight. Using this measurement locate your size within the size chart.

    Product Use and Care


    • Remove the Skiin pod before washing
    • Machine wash cold
    • Tumble dry medium
    • Do not use bleach or softener
    • Do not wring the garment
    • Do not dry clean the garment


    69% nylon, 36% spandex, 5% other with the addition of woven Carbon and Silver conductive yarn.


    The Skiin Connected Clothing Garments are not for use by:

    Persons under 18 years of age, persons using pacemakers and/or (ICD) implantable cardioverter defibrillators, and pregnant persons.

    Men's Chest Band (2pk) Starter Kit

    $207.00 USD $0.00 USD $244.00 USD

    Health & Wellness Data Skiin Can Capture

    Skiin Baseline is the first layer of the Skiin Connected Care system. Using Textile Computing, Baseline accurately capture your body’s unique health and wellness data. It captures the following health and wellness data, with more coming soon through software updates.

    Posture, Steps, & Location
    ECG, Heart Rate & HRV
    Core Body Temperature
    Respiration Rate

    Getting Started

    Finding your health and wellness insights with Skiin Baseline is as easy as changing your clothes.

    Select your Skiin Baseline Collection Layer
    Download and connect the Skiin Connected Life App
    Build a personalized dataset and visualize your Aura
    Connect and communicate with your care circle

    Understand You

    The Skiin Connected Life App syncs your health and wellness data from your Skiin biosensing garment. Visualize your current health metrics, track changes over time, and connect to your practitioner and loved ones for care and support.

    Learn more

    Have a Question?

    Want to learn more about how Skiin can help you reach your health and wellness goals while connecting you to care? Visit our Help Center below.

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