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The Myant // Pace Partnership

PACE Cardiology has partnered with Myant Inc. to help improve your heart health and wellbeing using the Skiin line of biosensing garments.

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Skiin is a Myant brand changing how you perceive and receive care.

We are not a wearable device company.
We are not a healthcare company.
We are not an apparel company.

We are a technology company dedicated to improving the human experience by enabling a connected society.


We have a singular purpose: to improve the health and well-being of all people through the digitization of the self. 


The Skiin layering system fits seamlessly into one’s lifestyle. It’s human-centric design allows you to maintain your regular behaviour.  We all interact with textiles of many kinds throughout the day. 




With Textile Computing, we can begin the process of digitizing the self.  It begins with Skiin's sensors that continuously capture multi-location health and wellness signals over a 24 hour period. This aggregated data creates your health and wellness Baseline.


This personal knowledge will empower you with a holistic understanding of your health and wellbeing. 


The visualization of the digital self—what we call the Aura in the app—empowers the individual with a communication tool backed by a dataset uniquely their own.



Family members and practitioners can engage with this Aura, distribute care, curate personal health care planning, and offer recommendations for preventative care.