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What is Skiin? (old)

Skiin is not a wearable device—it’s a collaborative remote care system.


The Myant team pioneered Textile Computing: sensors that are knitted directly into fabrics that capture continuous, bi-directional health and wellness data.


Capturing this data 24/7 across an array of connected devices helps create a digital version of yourself within the Skiin Connected Life App: your Aura. Your Aura reveals insights into your current and historic health and well-being. With continuous data capture, you can identify your health baseline and detect deviations to prevent future ailments. The Skiin Connected Life App then enables friends, family, and practitioners to engage with your Aura.


Designed by our multidisciplinary team, our smart, connected products are changing how the world perceives and receives care.


The Skiin Layering System

Wear the Skiin Baseline Layer to continuously capture your health and wellness data and visualize your Aura—your unique health and wellness insights— within the Skiin Connected Life  App.


Understand your health and wellness baseline through your Aura with your practitioners, care providers, and loved ones through the Skiin Connected Life App.


Connect with your care circle when deviations from your Aura’s baseline occur. Share notifications to receive support on your holistic health and wellness journey when you need it.


The Skiin Connected Clothing System connects to the Skiin Connected Life App and is comprised of two distinct layers: the Skiin Baseline Layer and the Heat Comfort Layer.


The Baseline Layer is the primary Skiin Connected Clothing layer, using biosensing capabilities to enable holistic, whole person care. It digitizes your health and wellness data, creating a digital representation: your Aura.


The optional second layer, the Heat Comfort Layer, responds to your metrics captured from our Baseline Layer, delivering targeted heat when your temperature drops—or on demand.



How Skiin Works

Wear Skiin Baseline

Our Baseline Layer uses Textile Computing—health and wellness data sensors knitted directly into fabric—to accurately and continuously captures your health and wellness data.


Connect the App

Once paired with the Skiin Connected Life App, your Skiin Baseline can begin to continuously capture and digitize your body’s data, including heart rate, posture, activity, and more.


Data & Baseline

Over time, your data is collected and stored, giving you a historical archive of insights. This data is aggregated into a Baseline: an average of your health used to measure day-to-day changes.


Heat Comfort

Our Heat Comfort Layer reacts to your body’s health and wellness data, captured by the Skiin Baseline layer. Heat can be applied when your body temperature drops below your target, or activated on-demand.


Care Circle

You can add members of your care circle to the app, allowing them to remotely see the health insights you choose. Let friends or family see how you’re doing, and let your doctor use your historical data to provide better care and service.


Current Biosignals

  • Heart Rate
  • HRV
  • Body Temperature
  • Respiration Rate
  • Activity
  • Location


Future Biosignals

  • Sleep
  • Blood Pressure
  • Bioimpedance
  • ECG
  • EMG
  • EEG