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The Myant // Pace Partnership

PACE Cardiology has partnered with Myant Inc. to help improve your heart health and wellbeing using the Skiin line of biosensing garments.

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This partnership will help patients visualize their personal health and wellness insights, foster proactive family and PACE doctor engagement, and lead to personalized programs focused on prevention in the near future.

This PACE program will investigate how our doctors and their Wellness Team (coming soon) can better support patients like you. During the program, your Skiin garment will help you capture your health data, connect and share your data with family members and your PACE team, and understand what activities improve your heart health and overall wellness.

How Will Participation in the Program
work for PACE Patients?


Get Prescribed & Pick Up Skiin

Purchase Skiin at a discount through the unique link sent by PACE Cardiology. Once you select and purchase your discounted garment, Skiin will ship it directly to your home. If you opt-in to the upcoming cardiology study through your cardiologist, you can pick-up a free Skiin Chest Band (a $300 value).


Participate in the Program

Download the Skiin Connected Life App, and wear your garment continuously for 30 days to capture your Personal Long-Term Range—your average health over 30 days. By adding a partner to your Support Network within the app and continuing to track your health data, you are increasing your awareness and understanding of your holistic health throughout your program. Additionally, you will soon be able to share your ECG, symptoms, and general wellness metrics with your doctor.


Purchase Additional Garments

As you wear your Skiin garments, will realize the true benefits of continuous connection and remote monitoring! PACE patients will have access to special pricing on additional garments, and exclusive content to learn more about connected living. Sign up to our newsletter for additional information.

Who Qualifies?

This program is only open to patients of the PACE Cardiology clinic, specifically those diagnosed or suspected of having cardiovascular disease, and may have a medical need for holter monitoring. No financial compensation is available, however, PACE patients who purchase a discounted Skiin garment may opt-in to an upcoming cardiology study to receive a free Skiin Chest Band (a $300 value). Learn more about the study by talking to your PACE cardiologist.

Your PACE cardiologist will determine whether you are a fit for the health and wellness monitoring program and will assemble your care team at the PACE clinic. Once prescribed, you will be provided instructions on where to pick up your Skiin Kit (including your Skiin garment(s), hardware, and a charger). This Skiin Kit contains everything you need to get started.

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How Do I Benefit?

For patients on a waitlist to see a cardiologist, have experienced an event and want to manage anxiety, want to prevent chronic illnesses, or want greater insight into their health and wellbeing, this program will support you on your journey. By wearing Skiin, your PACE cardiologist can monitor your resting heart rate, ECG, and more, and customize wellness programs designed for your unique needs (programs coming soon).

As a Skiin wearer, you will also enjoy exclusive content related to heart health & wellness, as well as future updates and upcoming features within The Skiin Connected Life App. Check out our App Page for more info.

Skiin Connected Life App