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Symptom Logging

 By keeping a daily symptom log, you can achieve peace of mind and increase self-awareness, and your health care providers can be more proactive with their care. Logging your symptoms everyday can improve your communication with your cardiologist,  as it's very difficult to recall symptoms with in-person visits, so keeping a daily symptom log can help you to keep an accurate journal. 

We’re happiest when we’re at our healthiest. By wearing Skiin, you can help your cardiologist deliver better care—care that is preventative, personalized to you, and holistic. Remember to log your symptoms as soon as you can and that the time is accurate (our app defaults to the current time). When a symptom occurs and you are entering it into the log, make sure you are seated or at rest to get the best reading.

Symptom Logging in Your Diary

Shortness of Breath



Heart Pounding

Baseline Summary Report

Gain insight into your health and wellness over time through the Baseline Summary Report: an overview of your present day health, 7-day trend and 30-day health range across various health metrics.

Track your daily sleep, heart health, and more against your health Baseline to unlock insights about your current wellbeing and progression of your health. Get instant and automatic notifications when deviations from your health baseline are detected to prevent ailments in the future. 


The Skiin Connected Life App allows you to visualize your Activity. Metrics captured by the Skiin biosensing garment include Steps, Posture, and Location, giving you insight into how active you have been throughout the day, and how long you spend resting, lying down, and more.

By slowly increasing your recommended Activity Goal time, you gradually become more comfortable with high levels of daily activity—like running and walking.

Support Network

Share your health and wellness data with your support network. Your network can include trusted friends, family, and healthcare practitioners who can see what real-time health data you choose to share. Stay connected with your loved ones through text and help put health at the forefront of your conversations by making it available at a glance. 

Increase the success of practitioner prescribed healthcare programs with lasting support from your support network.

Clinical Portal

In pursuit of a human-centered virtual healthcare experience, Myant has created the Myant Clinical Portal: a connected clinician portal and dashboard where physicians can monitor, screen, support, and diagnose their patients remotely—anytime, anywhere. 

This large, contextualized dataset will allow for great analysis, helping your practitioners make more informed decisions about your treatments, while unlocking more preventative treatment protocols.