Retrospective Holter Monitor
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Since its commercial release in 1962, the Holter monitor has seen widespread adoption by cardiologists. With life-threatening cardiac conditions on the rise, more cardiologists require deeper insight into their patients’ heart health. And despite its modern-day incarnation, the Holter monitor remains an imperfect solution to the challenges of cardiology diagnostics and remote patient monitoring (RPM).

The Challenges with Today’s Holter Monitors

Tedious for Patients

Patients must first travel to a clinic in-person and have the device fitted—a hassle and potential opportunity for infection. Hair is shaved, and the skin sandpapered, then the gel and electrodes are attached. The Holter is mounted on the patient and wires criss-crossing over the patient’s chest. This all results in an uncomfortable, tedious experience for patients.

Tedious for Health Professionals

Healthcare providers must devote dedicated resources to fit a patient with a Holter monitor. A wide assortment of single-use materials are required for Holter monitor application, including cotton pads, skin sandpaper, gel, gel electrodes, sanitizer wipes, and more.  

Reactive, Not Preventative

The largest drawback to today’s technology is that Holter monitors only tell one part of a patient’s cardiac story. Today’s Holter monitors are reactive: they tell a doctor about a patient’s cardiac event after-the-fact, rather than the patient’s health history and condition before the event.

A Proactive Holter Monitor & RPM Solution

Myant believes it is imperative that patients and their practitioners gain as complete a picture of their cardiac health as possible. In the future, Myant plans on partnering with hospitals and clinics to use Textile Computing™ technology to create a retrospective Holter monitor. This will allow practitioners to capture a patient’s cardiac biometrics long before any adverse event may occur. 

By fitting seamlessly into a patient’s lifestyle, Skiin products can provide patients with a continuous connection to their practitioner and their support network, allowing for personalized, preventive cardiac care and remote monitoring. Practitioners will delve deeper into their patients’ cardiac history and uncover the factors that could lead up to a cardiac event—before one even occurs.

Benefits of a Skiin Retrospective Holter Monitor

  • Slim and functional, fitting seamlessly into a patient’s lifestyle
  • Increases program adherence due to form factor and ease of use
  • Enables remote monitoring of cardiac health and overall wellness
  • No gel or clean up required to monitoring
  • No single-use materials required
  • Captures insights before, during, and after an event—not just after
  • Enables customized, preventative treatment for patients

While current Holter monitor technology offers a snapshot of a cardiac event, Skiin will provide patients and their practitioners with a comprehensive view of their cardiac health—with a comfortable form factor that can suit any lifestyle.

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