Remote Access

As you go about her day wearing your Skiin garment it continuously captures your health data. This health and wellness data can include your heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and more. This data then syncs with the Skiin App on your phone. This data can then be shared with your doctor and family members.

Practitioner Monitoring

Practitioners can log into a secure dashboard to view a patient’s live and historic health data. If your doctor receives an alert informing them of a change from your baseline, your doctor can review your health data, medical records, and can schedule a consultation.

Family & Friends Monitoring

Friends and family that you invite into your Care Circle can view your details and communicate with you in the Skiin App. They are able to see and track your vitals giving them peace of mind.


During the remote consultation, your doctor can discusses any changes or events. Your Doctor can schedule further tests or visits to the hospital without having to see you in clinic first.

Remote communities can get better access to healthcare

North American communities have historically had issues in its patient to nurse ratio and this continues to grow till date. There are simply not enough nurses to provide care to the growing number of patients. Remote access can help our communities by creating remote access to health care and providing preventative instead of reactive care.