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Welcome to Connected Care & Improved Cardiovascular Health

Myant is changing the way we connect with one another and redefining how we care for our loved ones. As patients and caregivers, we understand the importance of staying connected to our families and healthcare practitioners. No matter where you live, we strive to provide the tools and means for the best possible outcomes for all patients through continuous monitoring and personalized care delivery systems.

Myant’s Digital Health Platform uses Skiin Undergarments* to keep you connected with your circle of care, especially in times when care and support are needed most.

Our Skiin technology platform empowers you with continuous biometric and wellness data for a proactive and preventive approach to your health and wellbeing. Using Skiin technology and the Skiin App we collect and establish your personal baseline health indicators, unlocking insights to a new standard of personalised care.

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1 Available when wearing your Skiin Undergarment overnight.

Managing your Cardiovascular Health?

See how Skiin & the Myant Digital Health Platform supports your heart health and wellness

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