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We’ve cared for each other as long as we’ve been human. Since we walked the plains and painted on cave walls, since we planted our first crops in the soil, and since the first combustion steam engine roared into life and the internet sped up the world we live in. And we’ll keep doing it no matter what comes next. But through all that change, all that progress, a few of the seams that bond us together have become frayed. We’ve traded genuine connections for connectivity, and empathy for efficiency.

 Yet everywhere you look we’re still caring for each other. There are neighbours who check in on one another, sons waiting anxiously for their aging fathers’ test results, doctors and nurses working overtime for their patients, and children standing appreciatively in the warm glow of their ‘village’. And as we stand on the crest of the next wave of change, it’s time our technology made caring for each other easier, not harder. At Myant, we exist to do just that, create technologies that enable us to care for each other; and ultimately knit the circle of care back together.  

Imagine a world where…. 

All humans are given the opportunity to participate and reap the benefits of technology.

At Myant, we exist to do just that—to knit the circle of care closer together, threading 'humanity' through the societies we build. When our founder Tony’s father fell ill with dementia, he came to the realization that healthcare needed to evolve, and that patients should be at the centre of their own care. He understood that to improve accessibility, create peace of mind for family members, and increase efficiency for health care practitioners, patients must come first.  

He envisioned a healthcare system that keeps patients connected…

To give them a voice.
To improve equitable access.
To give family members peace of mind.
To have companionship throughout their health journey.
To distribute care amongst practitioners.

The Challenges We Face Today...

The Health Care System 

Today's healthcare systems are overwhelmed due to limitations in resources, accessible care, and lack of physical infrastructure. The drawbacks of centralized, reactive care can no longer be ignored—increased levels of chronic disease, patient stress and anxiety, and care provider burnout.

The Patient Experience

The availability of virtual care in Canada far exceeds the demand for it. Although virtual care is already a part of our healthcare system, it should be expanded to include community and social support. Patients must be given the tools to enable continuous, preventative, and personalized care from their healthcare providers.

Many of the people left behind are the elderly, people with disabilities, and people from ethnic or linguistic minorities and other marginalized communities. ​​

Many of these groups are often excluded from the benefits that technology provides due to difficulties adopting new skills and technologies due to a lack of resources or physical limitations. When it comes to healthcare, the issues of access and connection are even worse. 

We believe that by utilizing textile computing innovation, Myant has a unique opportunity to tackle the challenges posed by the limitations of the current healthcare system by:

Providing a connection to the body that is accessible to everyone through textiles.

Providing access to healthcare providers anytime via remote monitoring and conferencing tools.

Providing information that is continuous and personalized to the individual.

Providing the patient with the ability to connect with their family members and care circle throughout their health journey.

By joining the Myant Health Virtual Care Clinic, patients are empowered to take greater control of their health. They are given the tools to understand how they are progressing through their health journey. At the same time, their healthcare practitioners are informed with deeper insights to act earlier, ultimately ensuring better health outcomes.

The Myant Health Framework was designed to empower and engage people, their families, and their communities to become active participants in managing their personal health and that of their loved ones.