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Myant Subscription
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Take Control of your Health

Understand your continuous heart health and overall wellness with your Myant Membership. See your personal insights by choosing your Skiin garment, downloading the app, and choosing the membership that's right for you. Gain peace-of-mind by connecting to your cardiologist and gaining deeper heart health insights with the Myant Pro Membership.


Skiin App


Support Network

Myant Wellness

Unlock insights about your unique health with your free Myant Wellness Membership. Create your Baseline Summary, analyze your Activity and Posture, share your data with your support network, and log your symptoms and triggers.

Myant Pro

Understand your heart health and connect with your cardiologist with the Myant Pro Membership. View your ECG, receive heart health reports, connect additional smart devices, and connect with your cardiology clinic to receive remote care, guidance, support.

 Wellness                                         Pro                                         

Daily summary, 7 day trends &
30 day baselines (for sleep,
respiration, core body
temperature, HRV, RHR)
Posture analysis✔️✔️
Share data with support network ✔️✔️
Symptom recording & reporting✔️✔️
On-demand ECG viewer✔️
ECG storage up to 6 months✔️
Holter software reporting with
Arrhythmia detection
Monthly heart health report✔️
Blood pressure monitor, scale,
Sp02 monitor available
RPM for clinics✔️
Access to video consults with
Health Professionals

With the app, your support network can see the health and wellness data you’ve shared with them, letting them check in on you remotely and help you meet your goals.