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Tony Chahine

Chief Executive Officer

Ilaria Varoli

Executive Vice-President

Frank Florio

Vice President, Strategy
& Business Development

Milad Alizadeh-Meghrazi

Vice President, Research, Development,
and Partner Integration

Sonia Aggarwal

Vice President, Finance

John Persic

Senior Director, Engineering

Tiago Gabardo

Senior Director, Embedded Software

Adrian Straka

Director, Hardware & Manufacturing

Eric Robert

Director, Knitting Operations
& Smart Integration

Joyce Chow

Director, Research & Development

Julie Bosotti

Director, Supply Chain, Smart Fabric
& Wearable Technology

Michelle Zheng

Director, Industrial Design & UX

Randy Wang

Director, Product


Myant USA

Markus Kirwald

Business Development, DTX

Melvina Kleverova Zilliox

Business Development


Executive Health Advisory Board

Suraj Kapa, MD

EHAB Member

Giri Logsetty, MD

EHAB Member



David AlterMD, PhD

Medical Advisor

Jon Barrett, MD

Advisor - Pregnancy Reimagined

ISO Certified

Our Commitment to Quality

We believe in creating life-changing products not only to meet, but exceed, our customer’s expectations. While constantly innovating, we strive for the highest possible quality in our emerging industry. Our organization is committed to continuous improvement and operates using a Quality Management System that is registered to the requirements of ISO 13485:2016.

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