The Myant Health Framework

When it comes to your health and wellness goals, where do you know where to start?

The Myant Health Framework is designed to help you plot a course towards great wellness by helping you understand your health trends, discover what causes deviations in those trends, and by connecting you to your support network. 

Helping you Reach Your Health & Wellness Goals

By using Skiin's garments, applications, and algorithms, you can unlock better health outcomes by making your health personal—more about you. And when you share your health data with a practitioner or medical service provider, you’re enabling the delivery of remote, personalized, and preventative care.

The framework comprises 4 Phases: Awareness, Connection, Understanding, and Change.

1. Awareness Phase: Get to Know You

Begin wearing Skiin to collect insights about your heart health and wellness. By wearing your preferred combination of Skiin garments, you can stay connected continuously over the first 30 days.

Visualize your 30-Day Long-term Range using the Skiin Connected Life App to learn critical insights about your current health, and how it changes over time.

2. Connection Phase: Connect with a Partner 

Studies show that accountability in program adherence increases significantly when you bring a partner along on your journey. Choose a trusted family member or friend to support you throughout the program.

Embedding your health baseline into a chat tool as you converse with a partner puts your health at the forefront of your daily social interactions.

3. Understanding Phase: Understand your Patterns

Start understanding your body’s reaction to day-to-day experiences like the food you eat or the new medication you started (e.g. drinking water close to bed time disrupts my sleeping pattern).

By understanding your patterns and reaction based on personal experiences, you become empowered with evidence during conversations with your doctor and care circle.

4. Change Phase: Develop a Program 

If you’re connected to a health practitioner with a Myant Health Membership, you can receive a program designed for your needs based on your data and receive expert guidance throughout your health journey.

The Myant Health Framework allows individuals to arm themselves, their communities, and their practitioners with the tools to revolutionize how healthcare is received and distributed. By wearing Skiin and following the phases of the Myant Health Framework you will learn how to develop positive behaviour change, reinforced and evidenced by your own biometric data, expert guidance, and support network.

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