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Daily ECG Screening

Meet Beth, a CVD patient with the PACE Cardiology Clinic. As Beth goes about her day, her Skiin bio-sensing garments passively capture her health and wellness data, and run regular ECG screenings. The PACE team can monitor Beth's data remotely, and receive notifications when major deviations occur.

What does this mean? 

We're able to validate ECG signals acquired through our wearable textile based sensory system as well as incorporating other biometrics (like respiration, temperature, biomechanics, etc.) and contextual information (like activity, location, and more) to provide a holistic view on your health and well-being which can be used by your healthcare professional and caregivers to better anticipate and prevent medical conditions before they manifest as acute or chronic issues.

With the app, your support network can see the health and wellness data you’ve shared with them, letting them check in on you remotely and help you meet your goals.