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Skiin Beta Android Installation

Skiin Beta Android Installation

The Skiin beta is distributed via Firebase, rather than the Android Play Store. Once your signup to the beta program has been processed you will then receive an invitation via e-mail, as shown below

What is Firebase?

Firebase is an online service for distributing mobile applications offered to developers for testing mobile applications, owned by Google LLC.

It is similar to the Google Play store but used for internal and external testing.

Steps to install the application:

  1. Open the Email invite received from  Skiin (via Firebase App Distribution). The invitation email will look like Fig 1.0.

Fig 1.0

  1. After receiving the email, please click the get started button in the email.
  2. Your default browser will open. Please log in to accept the terms and conditions. Please refer to Fig 2.0 once you check and accept the terms and conditions.

Fig 2.0

  1. After accepting the invite,. You need to press the Download AppTester button found on the bottom of the page. Refer Fig 3.0

Fig 3.0

  1. Once the App tester is downloaded open and install the app.

Look for the App Tester App In your downloaded apps. Please check this link for more information

  1. Click on App tester, Sign in to your Google account and accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Once you are authenticated you will reach Fig 5.0

Fig 5.0

  1. Click on the Skiin highlighted in Fig 5.0 and press the download button and the app will be downloaded in your device. shown in Fig 6.0. (Please note the version number will be different from the image shown).

Fig 6.0

  1. Once the download is complete, please click on settings shown in Fig 7.0 to allow permission to install the app.

Fig 7.0

  1. You will be prompted for this app to run.

  1. There will be another pop up please refer to Fig 9.0 to install the app.

Fig 9.0

  1. Once the Installation is successful Skiin Health application is successfully installed in your device.

TroubleShooting Tips:

If more clarity is needed you can watch our App Installation video.