What is Skiin?

Skiin is not a wearable device— it’s a care system that
connects you to your loved ones and your practitioner.

Today’s healthcare systems are often reactive, episodic, centralized, and lack patient personalization. Further exacerbated by COVID-19, these challenges become large roadblocks towards care—especially for those with heart disease. Frustrations with an ailing system manifests as stress and anxiety in these patients, which can lead to worsening health outcomes.


To solve these systemic challenges and support cardiac patients, the Myant team pioneered Textile Computing: sensors that are knitted directly into our Skiin biosensing garments that continuously capture your health and wellness data. 




This data syncs with the Skiin Connected Life App and creates your health and wellness Baseline: a visualization of your heart health and overall wellness. This personal knowledge will empower you with a holistic understanding of your health and wellbeing.



Next, as a heart disease patient, you can remotely connect with your cardiologist, allowing you to continuously share your health metric—including your health baseline trends and patterns— without leaving the comfort and safety of your own home. That means you can receive remote cardiac screening, report your cardiac events and symptoms, and share your health and wellness trends with your doctor—without wires, gel, or blocky wearable devices.


And finally, by connecting with trusted friends and family members through the Skiin Connected Life App, you can build your support circle that will provide encouragement and assistance on your health and wellness journey.


How Skiin Works

Wear Your Skiin Garment

Choose the combination of Skiin garments that best suit your lifestyle so you can achieve continuous connection: the tanktop, bra, chest band, and underwear.


Connect the App

Download the Skiin Connected Life App to view your data, log your symptoms, and set triggers for specific events.


Data & Baseline

Share your data and symptoms with your cardiologist between appointments, or during your doctor visit.


Support Network

Add trusted friends and family members to the app allowing them to remotely see the health insights you choose. Let your doctor use your historical data to provide better care and service. 

Current Biosignals

  • ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • HRV
  • Body Temperature
  • Respiration Rate
  • Activity
  • Location

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