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Pain Management

Pain Management

Skiin Heat helps you manage lower back pain through a compact, discreet and wireless heat band. This textile-based solution is thin enough so that you can wear it underneath your clothes and is fully wireless as it's controlled through the Skiin Connected Life App. This way you can get heat therapy on-the-go and instantly - whether its at work or while you're spending quality time with your loved ones.

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Why do you need Skiin?

Find more peace-of-mind by wearing Skiin and connecting to your cardiologist. By wearing Skiin, you can track your health, share your ECG with your cardiologist, log and share your symptoms, receive diagnostics, receive customized programs from your wellness team, and get support from your support network. Take control of your heart health and wellness with Skiin.

If you are a PACE patient: data collected through SKIIN will support the outpatient cardiac care you receive at PACE Cardiology. Patients must not depend on SKIIN for urgent symptom or ECG data monitoring during medical emergencies or other time sensitive matters.

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