A Message from Myant Founder & CEO Tony Chahine

I hope you are all safe and keeping well as we wind down this tumultuous year.

Looking back over the course of my career as an entrepreneur and business leader, never has there been a year in which I have faced as many challenges as in 2020. Many of the challenges that Myant faced in years past were technical in nature, but this year the challenges were much more human: How can we protect the people we care about, stay connected even when we are forced to be apart, all while keeping the momentum of the business going? all while maintaining momentum towards our goals?

Of course these challenges were not unique to our organization. or even yours. In fact, the forced physical distancing has had most of us ask similar questions in our private lives. We have all had to pivot in 2020 in order to address these challenges: never leaving home without a mask, teaching elderly loved ones how to use Zoom to stay connected, receiving medical care through the phone instead of in-person, and more.

For Myant, our pandemic pivot was in some ways not much of a detour. Instead, it reinforced a number of truths that we have long spoken about: our collective need for better connection to our bodies, the important role of textile in our society, and Myant’s mission of innovating at that intersection. Besides turning our textile innovation capabilities towards creating masks to protect people across all walks of life, Myant turned the intensified interest in digital health solutions into a successful launch of Phase 1 of the Skiin Early Access Program (EAP) in October. For the first time, people outside the walls of the company were using Skiin to connect with and care for loved ones. We have learned a lot from Phase 1, putting us in the position to introduce Skiin to a broader segment of the public in early 2021. Stay tuned for more news about Phase 2 (Public Beta) of the Skiin EAP in the coming weeks!

If we have learned anything in 2020, it might be the fact that humans are inescapably interdependent creatures. We need each other to survive, to feel cared for, and especially to thrive. Myant has thrived in 2020 thanks to your continuing support and for that I am truly grateful. Let’s connect and find ways we can grow together in 2021 and beyond.


Tony Chahine

Founder & CEO, Myant, Inc.

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